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Balance Sheet (rptd.) 
 2012 Y2013 Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Q3 YTD
Source Document12/31/201312/31/201412/31/20159/30/20169/30/2016
(in thousands)     
Agency MBS 
Agency MBS pledged to counterparties at fair value 8,523,5578,060,5676,650,1434,694,7313,836,791
Agency MBS at fair value 668,726462,399343,734173,344191,982
Paydowns receivable 52,41033,40129,48624,70729,841
Total 9,244,6938,556,3677,023,3634,892,7824,058,614
Non-Agency MBS at fair value NA79199,710682,061644,216
Residential mortgage loans held-for-investment NANA0969,172795,527
Residential real estate NA012,87114,36314,289
Cash and cash equivalents 2,9107,36814,9895,75417,097
Restricted cash NANA16,09939,23019,426
Interest and dividends receivable 25,83923,31019,11517,52516,616
Derivative instruments at fair value 11122,5519,79212,4702,023
Accounts receivable for sold Agency MBS NANANA088,387
Prepaid expenses and other 11,5529,8162,3962,9832,972
Total Assets 9,285,1058,619,4917,298,3356,636,3405,659,167
Accrued interest payable 20,37630,11717,60613,44310,355
Repurchase agreements 8,020,0007,580,0006,370,7404,915,5283,940,800
Asset-backed securities issued by securitization trusts NANA0915,486779,761
Junior subordinated notes 37,38037,38037,38037,38037,380
Derivative instruments at fair value 96,14455,91445,25934,54748,224
Dividends payable on Series A Preferred Stock 1,0111,0351,0351,0351,035
Dividends payable on Series B Preferred Stock 414394394394394
Dividends payable on Series C Preferred Stock NANA0207216
Dividends payable on common stock 21,30211,09715,39614,86114,366
Payables for purchased Agency MBS NANANA0141,376
Accrued expenses and other 7611,36829,0841,3081,676
Total Liabilities 8,197,3887,717,3056,516,8945,934,1894,975,583
Series B Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock 25,22223,92423,92423,92423,924
Stockholders' Equity 
Series A Cumulative Preferred Stock 45,44746,53746,53746,53746,537
Series C Cumulative Preferred Stock NANA010,03910,872
Common Stock 1,4201,3871,100991958
Additional paid-in capital 1,197,7931,185,3691,033,015981,034966,720
Accumulated other comprehensive income consisting of unrealized gains and losses 79,776(92,008)(14,981)94937,449
Accumulated deficit (261,941)(263,023)(308,154)(361,323)(402,876)
Total Stockholders' Equity 1,062,495878,262757,517678,227659,660
Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity 9,285,1058,619,4917,298,3356,636,3405,659,167

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